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short explanation of each files

May 23, 2009 at 9:26 AM
Edited May 23, 2009 at 9:34 AM


Source File Comment Language
DumpYourQC.vb Dump all the tests from Quality Center VB
GetFolderSize.vb Get the size of a specified folder including sub folders VB
IsLike.vb See if a target string is matched with the specified pattern VB
Oracle.powershell Query an Oracle DB, and dump the result set into gridview or csv file PowerShell
Post2Twitter.applescript Post a status update to twitter AppleScript
Post2Wordpress.applescript Post a blog entry to specified wordpress AppleScript
SqlCE.powershell SQL Server Compact Edition Programming PowerShell
SqlScriptGenerator.cs Generate SQL Scripts from existing SQL DB via SMO C#
curl_upload.applescript Upload a file AppleScript
cut.cs Unix like terminal utility - cut C#
egrep.cs Unix like terminal utility - egrep C#
get_traffic_soap.applescript SOAP call for traffic info AppleScript
hex-dump.powershell Dump a file into Hex format PowerShell
ie.powershell Launching IE PowerShell
nl.cs Unix like terminal utility - nl C#
pada.cs A notepad alternative C#
pada.ico Icon file for Pada Icon Image
pada.vb A notepad alternative VB
sed.cs Unix like terminal utility - sed C#
send_email.applescript Send email from terminal AppleScript A simple web server Python
sqlite_createTable.applescript SQLite Programming AppleScript
sqlite_query.applescript SQLite Programming AppleScript
u2win.vb Convert Unix text file to Windows text file format VB
wc.cs Unix like terminal utility - wc C#
win2u.vb Convert Windows text file format to Unix VB


Jul 1, 2010 at 4:14 AM

need unix-like `head` and `tail` utilities.